Balloon Twisting Artiste
Our balloons are "not just for kids anymore!" 
Children and adults alike are fascinated watching the twister at work as the latex is manipulated into beautiful, recognizable and sometimes surprising creations. 

Who Is TweedlesTheClown?

Tweedles is a Full Time Professional Family Entertainer

Tweedles entertained for the first time in 1982.  She has been recognized and received awards for both performance and appearance by Clowns of America International and the National Clown Arts Council.

Honing and improving various skills to be a well rounded performer are of utmost imporantance and that is why Tweedles attends workshops, conventions and monthly balloon jams, clown meetings and a Family Entertainer's  meeting that often focuses on magic.  Tweedles is 2nd Vice President of COAI, Merri-Makers Clown Alley 51.  Was the driving force and coordinator behind a National Clown Week Celebration that included the antics of 13 working professional clowns at the Community Children's Museum, Dover, NJ, 3 years running.

TweedlesTheClown is fully insured and can provide "Certificate of Insurance" if required by venue.

Tweedles prides herself on providing interactive, educational and purely silly clown show options. also offers Balloon Artiste and Fabulous Face Painting without the "clown".  No make-up that super shy kids may be afraid of, No make-up that way too cool kids feel too old for.

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